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About New Mexico Brewers Guild

The mission of the New Mexico Brewers Guild is to promote and protect New Mexico's craft brewers. The Guild has been successful in lobbying for:

  • Excise tax relief for growing breweries

  • A third off-site tasting room for breweries

  • The right to hold both beer & wine and distribution permits

  • Alternating proprietorship for brewery partnerships

  • The right to fill and sell growlers

  • The right to serve New Mexico wine and cider in breweries and tap rooms


The New Mexico Brewers Guild began in the mid-1990s as an informal gathering of professional brewers who shared a passion for craft beer. In its early days the Guild met occasionally to share ideas, quaff experimental brews, trade ingredients, and join in friendly competition in the annual IPA Challenge. Many of these same brewers launched the Guild as an official 501(c)(6) entity in 2012. You may not know it, but as a new brewery or brewery in

planning, you have already benefited by the considerable efforts of the New Mexico Brewers Guild and its members!

Executive Director and Board of Directors

  • Leah Black
    Leah Black
    Executive Director

    Leah Black is passionate about promoting things she loves. Enter craft beer… she’s always excited to learn the story behind the craft beer she so enjoys. Her contagious affection makes it easy for her to spread the word of delicious local craft. She thrives in an industry centered around good times, human connections and community gathering. She knows it’s about so much more than just the beer.

    Leah is a native Coloradan, a seasoned radio/tv personality, a singer and voiceover artist and passionate craft beer enthusiast. She has worked in the NM craft beer industry since 2010 and she has been in the Social Media world since before Facebook and Instagram were even a thing (yes, there was a time.)

    Whether it’s music, craft beer, or travel, Leah is an energetic spirit, fueled by creating positive change wherever she is able…or she’ll just sing ‘til you tell her to leave….

  • Alana Jones
    Board Member, Legislative/Regulatory Committee, Santa Fe Brewing Co.

    Alana Jones is the General Manager at the Santa Fe Brewing Co., New Mexico’s oldest and largest brewery. Since starting work at Santa Fe Brewing in 2004, Alana has helped the business grow from 2,000 bbls of annual production to over 33,000 bbls. She knows intimately the issues facing breweries at these different stages as well as those of a rapidly growing business. In addition to her work at the brewery, Alana is an active beer judge at the Great American Beer Festival and a part-time faculty member at CNM’s School of Business & Information Technology.

  • Anne O'Neill
    Board President/Executive Chair, Events Committee, Sidetrack Brewing Co.

    Anne O’Neill is co-founder of Sidetrack Brewing Co., a small brewery and taproom. Anne manages the taproom at Sidetrack. Her main areas of focus are event/entertainment/food truck coordination and employee management. Anne is also interested in the brewing process and assists in the brewery and in cellar duties. In addition to her work at Sidetrack, Anne is a Registered Dietitian with UNM.

  • Jayson Wylie
    Board Member, Membership Committee Chair, Taos Mesa Brewing Co.

    Jayson Wylie, head brewer and managing partner of Taos Mesa Brewing, was originally turned onto craft beer while serving in US Army. German beers were certainly a catalyst for the US craft movement, as well Wylie’s passion for good beer.  While studying history at the University of Kansas, Wylie spent a great deal of time “researching” at The Free State Brewing Co—founded in 1989, this was the first legal brewery in the state of Kansas in over 100 years. It was here that Wylie cemented his fondness of craft beer, as well as beginning his self-education in brewing science.  Post-graduation in 1999, Wylie relocated to Taos, NM where he continued his zymurgical quest home brewing. In 2012, Wylie turned his hobby into a profession as one of the founders of Taos Mesa Brewing Co. Now, with 3 locations in Taos, Taos Mesa Brewing is on track to produce 2000 bbl this year, with their eye on the distribution market. PROST!

  • Ken Carson
    Board Member, Finance Committee Chair, Legislative/Regulatory Committee, Nexus Brewery

    Ken Carson Jr., an Albuquerque, New Mexico native, graduated from New Mexico State University. Ken was appointed by Governor Gary Carruthers as Director of the NM State Banking department in 1987 and was reappointed to the position by Governor Bruce King. In 1993, Ken was appointed President of the Bank of Belen, which is now MyBank of Belen. Over the next 14 years Ken and his staff grew the bank from $7 to $150 million in assets with 5 branches located in 3 counties.

    Ken opened Nexus brewery in May 2011. Having never been in the business he looked at all types of food and did research on the internet to find a menu he thought was unique. After researching other ideas he came up with the idea to blend New Mexico cuisine with Soul Food. The concept worked well. Nexus has consistently been rated as one of the best restaurant/breweries in Albuquerque.

  • Jessica Griego
    Board Member, Events Committee Chair, Finance Committee, Bosque Brewing Co.

    Jessica Griego has been with Bosque Brewing Co. since its opening in October 2012. Jessica began her journey as a server, and as Bosque evolved, she evolved with it. Jessica has opened three satellite taprooms, led multiple taproom expansions, and assisted with other business expansions, including the launch of Bosque’s package products statewide in 2016. One of her favorite aspects of this job has been developing beer training, brewery tours, and other educational programs company wide. There is nothing more rewarding to Jessica than seeing her co-workers truly engaged in their jobs and loving what they do.

  • David Kimbell
    Board Member, Events Committee, Membership Committee, Bombs Away Beer Company

    David Kimbell is the Head Brewer/Co-Owner of Bombs Away Beer Company. A native New Mexican, David has observed the economic struggles New Mexico has endured. There are few industries creating economic opportunity like the beer industry in New Mexico. A UNM graduate, David has made it his mission to further the growth of New Mexico’s beer scene and for New Mexico to be known as the best beer state in terms of quality in America.

  • Jamie Schwebach
    Board Member, Events Committee, Canteen Brewhouse

    Jamie Schwebach is the General Manager at Canteen Brewhouse since August 2017. She has a focus on community involvement and connection through great beer. Growing up on a farm in McIntosh, New Mexico taught Jamie the importance of community, the value of knowing where your food (and grain) comes from, and the respect earned from commitment to hard work.

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