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Member Breweries

  • Rio Grand Grill & Tap Room
    Rio Grande Grill & Tap Room
  • Roosevelt Brewing Co.
  • The 377 Brewery
  • Lost Hiker Brewing Co.
    Ruidoso Downs
  • Turtle Mountain Brewing Company
    Turtle Mountain Brewing
    Rio Rancho
  • Bonito Valley Brewing Co.
  • Callahan West Brewery
  • Desert Water Brewing
    Desert Water Brewing
  • High Desert Brewing Co.
    High Desert Brewing Co.
    Las Cruces
  • Picacho Peak Brewing Company
    Picacho Peak Brewing Co.
    Las Cruces
  • Pecan Grill & Brewery
    Pecan Grill & Brewery
    Las Cruces
  • Comanche Creek Brewing Company
    Comanche Creek Brewing Company
    Eagle Nest
  • Bombs Away Beer Company
  • Chili Line Brewing Co.
    Chili Line Brewing Co.
    Santa Fe
  • Eske's Brew Pub and Eatery
  • Hops Brewery
    Hops Brewery
  • Kaktus Brewing Company
    Kaktus Brewing Company
  • Ponderosa Brewing Company
    Ponderosa Brewing Co.
  • Santa Fe Brewing Co.
    Santa Fe
  • Rowley Farmhouse Ales
    Santa Fe

Associate Members

  • Screen Kings
  • Ice Blue Advertising
    Ice Blue Advertising
  • Craft King Consulting
    Craft King Consulting
  • Whichcraft
  • Mother Road Mobile Canning
    Mother Road Mobile Canning
  • Tasty Spot
  • Five Star Chemicals & Supply, Inc.
    Five Star Chemicals & Supply Inc.
  • Criveller Equipment
  • Internet Crossroads
    Internet Crossroads
  • Red Hat Hops
  • Leverage Legal Group
  • Coe & Peterson, LLC
  • Budagher & Associates
  • surefi
  • BSG Craft Brewing
    BSG Craft Brewing
  • G & D Chillers
    G&D Chillers
  • Proximity Malt
    Proximity Malt
  • Atkinson CPAs
    Atkinson CPAs
  • Silverado Safety Management
    Silverado Safety Management
  • Valliant
  • Brewers Crew Magazine
  • New Mexico Liquor Licenses
    New Mexico Liquor Licenses
  • 5280PKG
  • Prime Lines
  • Grandstand Glassware + Apparel
  • Johnny Boards
  • Brew & Be Covered
    Brew & Be Covered
  • Micro Matic
  • Wild Goose Canning
    Wild Goose Canning
  • Foxx Equipment Company
    Foxx Equipment Company
  • HUB International Insurance Services
  • STEMulus Center
    CNM STEMulus Center
  • Western Assurance
    Western Assurance
  • Schaefer Container Systems
  • Supply One
    Supply One
  • Winstar Insurance Group
  • Stixon Labels & New Mexico Plastics
    Stixon Labels & New Mexico Plastics
  • BrewPOS
  • Argyle Welding Supply Inc.
    Argyle Welding Supply Inc.
  • Merrill Lynch
  • ABQ Trolley Co.
    ABQ Trolley Co.
  • Crossed Sabers Hop Co.
  • AJS Tap Handles
  • White Crow Hops
  • NMSBrew
  • Duke City Pedaler
    Duke City Pedaler

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